Juliette Lewis exploded at a fan during a webchat when he asked about her past drug use.

Lewis battled an addiction to drugs during her youth - but the actress insists reports about her use of illegal substances have been exaggerated, claiming she had a cheap habit and was never hooked on cocaine.

When asked during the chat, "Now you have kicked your drug addiction, what do you spend your cash on?" she snapped, "What a stupid question!

"I did have a drug addiction 10 years ago, but it was never a cocaine addiction so it doesn't follow that I necessarily spent loads of money on it.

"I did do drugs, but cocaine was just not the drug of choice. And anyway, I'm only really little so I actually didn't consume that many drugs. I never needed much so it was quite a cheap habit!

"Drug addiction costs much more in how it corrupts the soul than in how it corrupted my bank account."