Hollywood actress Juliette Lewis has found an unusual substitute for sex - her rock band.

The NATURAL BORN KILLERS star, who once dated screen hunk Brad Pitt, admits her band Juliette And The Licks is the closest thing she'd had to a sex life for quite some time.

She says, "I think rock 'n' roll's two things - it's sexual and guttural energy.

"Basically, instead of joining a convent, I joined a rock 'n' roll band, meaning I use all that celibacy in music. I know you musicians know what I'm saying... maybe you pour it out through your instruments!"

On the kind of man she goes for, Lewis jokes, "The nonemotional, non-communicative guys who won't call. Basically, I think they're awesome. They fill me with desire."

11/03/2004 02:36