French actress Juliette Binoche regrets the amount of sex scenes she has filmed in her career - insisting she is tired of having to answer questions about her steamy past. The HIDDEN beauty says there was a time when she was asked to strip in every film she was in. It was only until the 1993 movie THREE COLOURS: Blue that she plucked up the courage to stand up to director KRZYSZTOF KIELSLOWSKI and refuse to be naked in the film. She says, "I felt like there were a lot of sex scenes in the movies I had done in the late eighties. Probably too many. "There were requests almost on each movie and I had to fight against that. "Kielslowski wanted me to be naked and walk into a room in Three Colours: Blue and I said, 'Do you know how many questions I have about sex scenes in the movies? What does it serve in the movies?' "And he thought about it and said, 'No, we won't do it.' Because he understood it wasn't necessary and it's a burden for an actress."