French movie star Juliette Binoche has slammed Hollywood for only being interested in commercial films which glorify violence.

The OSCAR-winning actress, 40, believes the current trend of American movies are focusing on violent stunts, rather than storytelling - and she's desperate to make a film "with a message".

She rants, "I want to tell a story I believe in and at the moment the Hollywood scripts I've been reading don't feel like that. There is too much violence. Violence just to have violence. Or sex just to be sexy - just to sell the movie.

"That just makes me sick and I don't feel like doing it. I think a film shouldn't be made for commercial purposes and shouldn't be about what is on the outside, only what is on the inside.

"I want to make films that are political and social. Films with a message or an idea. Films that dare to ask."

18/05/2004 09:08