French actress Juliette Binoche and British director Anthony Minghella hope their movie BREAKING + ENTERING helps Brits come to terms with Eastern European immigrants, because it portrays them as struggling survivors. Chocolat star Binoche, whose grandmother was a Polish immigrant in Paris, France, studied Bosnians living in the UK as research for her role as an immigrant, and admits the experience left her scarred. She explains, "Most of the mothers that I met in London have been immigrants for 10 years and they're still struggling. There was one Bosnian woman I spent a lot of time with and we talked about the pain of being an immigrant. "These people don't want to go back to where they've come from, but it's hard for them to find a job... Their children are their hopes because they sacrificed for them. It's great but it's sad. "I can relate, as a human being, leaving everything behind you and trying to rebuild yourself somewhere else. It's a journey. You have to have faith and strength." Director Minghella admits he was compelled to make a movie about immigrants in Britain after learning his friend's cleaner was a well-qualified Argentinean psychiatrist in exile. He adds, "I suddenly felt so humiliated that I always thought of her as just a cleaner. Suddenly I realised I knew nothing about anybody and everybody arrives with a story. I have a great empathy for migrants. "Part of what I wanted to say in the movie is, before you make a judgment about anybody, find out what their story is."