French movie star Juliette Binoche has learned to love airports even though she's terrified of flying - because they offer her space and time to organise her life.

The OSCAR-winning actress, who plays a character stranded in an airport in new movie JET LAG, admits some of her best decisions have been made while waiting to board planes all over the world.

She explains, "Airports are wonderful places to read scripts, to give phonecalls you didn't have time to, and just to have a break.

"It's your own time. I think about my life. Airports signify excitement and happiness - you can be going on vacation or to a special place or on a location for a new movie you expect

a lot from.

"On the another hand I'm frightened on planes also because I'm a mother and so it brings thoughts about responsibility in case something happens: 'What did I do? Did I make arrangements.'"

Binoche admits that her flying fears escalated after she was caught in a thunderstorm on a trip to London. Now, yoga has helped her cope with her phobia.

She adds, "I do yoga intervention and try to invent some kind of help. I know a lot of people drink when they're freaked out, but I don't drink.

"I try to breathe and just try and allow my body to be in the plane and move with it."

19/06/2003 02:26