Punk film-maker Julien Temple's much-anticipated Joe Strummer tribute will premiere in January (07) at Robert Redford's Sundance Film Festival in Utah. THE FUTURE IS UNWRITTEN features interviews with Strummer fans like Johnny Depp, Bono and John Cusack as well as his former bandmates. The documentary also features unseen footage of Strummer's early performances as well as clips of The Clash and the MESCALEROS, the band the punk icon fronted at the time of his death. Temple discovered Strummer has a lot of fans in powerful places as he planned campfire interviews with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. He tells Billboard.com, "We had to have a bonfire on Mulholland Drive in LA, where you can't put out a cigarette without getting dragged off by the fire brigade. "It didn't look very good until the fire officer said, 'What's the project?' We said, 'It's Joe Strummer,' and he said, 'In that case, you can have the license.'"