Across The Universe director Julie Taymor has confirmed she wants to reunite the leads from her Beatles musical for the upcoming Spider-Man stage show.

Taymor played an integral role in the Broadway success of The Lion King and has been working with U2's Bono and The Edge to turn the webslinger's adventures into a viable stage show.

And after working with young actors Jim Sturgess and Evan Rachel Wood on her 1960s-set musical based on the songs of the Fab Four, she has admitted she would like the stars to play Peter Parker and his love interest Mary Jane Watson.

"There, I've said it. Now I have to go through a web to get them," Taymor told the Daily Mail. "Jim's certainly interested, but his film career has taken off, so I have to nab him between movies. Same with Evan. They'd be my ideal pairing, though, if they're free."

She explained that taking the Marvel superhero to the stage could involve trapeze artists and giant puppetry, though a start date for the production has not yet been established.

"I hope it will be a cross between a play, rock 'n' roll and circus," she said. "The movies with Tobey Maguire worked on their terms, but the show will be very different.

"In fact, it's based more on the original comic books than the movies."

She added: "This notion that you can transplant movies onto the stage is absurd - a theatre show has to live in its own world."

22/11/2007 12:01:24