A bitter rift has developed between Julie Taymor, director of Across the Universe, and Revolution Studios chief Joe Roth after Roth recut the film and tested it at a sneak preview without informing Taymor, the New York Times reported today (Tuesday). According to the newspaper, Taymor, best known for her staging of the Broadway version of Disney's The Lion King, is considering taking her name off the movie. Commenting on Taymor's possible movie, the Times observed that it "could embarrass the studio and hurt the movie's chances for a successful release in September." Although Taymor issued a statement saying only that she "would not [get] into details at this time, Roth told the newspaper that testing different cuts of a movie is a normal Hollywood process. "But her orientation is stage. ... No one is uncomfortable in this process, other than Julie. ... If you work off her hysteria, that will do the film an injustice," he said. "Nobody wants to do that. She's worked long and hard, and made a wonderful movie."