Julie Feeney Announces UK Release Of New Album 'Clocks' Released 12th August 2013

Julie Feeney Announces UK Release Of New Album 'Clocks' Released 12th August 2013

Julie Feeney is a precocious, multi award-winning artist whose eccentric output persistently jolts the parameters of what a multi-genred musician can achieve. Her critically extolled contemporary albums, classical compositions, her first opera and ambitious choral projects shatter perceived genre confinesand acquaint the listener with new aural heights, via her charismatic trademark recording process.

'Clocks', her latest and third album, is a culmination of wondrous vision, perpetual drive and honed production skill. Julie's avant-garde approach, while rooted in classical music, straddles both the pop and theatrical worlds. The album also gets its US release this year following Julie's sold-out 10-date residency at the IAC, NYC, which received glowing plaudits from prominent US music critics. After hearing Julie on an LA radio station, eminent producer, David Reitzas (Madonna, Guns 'N' Roses, Prince)offered to mix one of her tracks - sparks subsequently flew and he stayed on to mix the entire record!

Digitally recorded at Kylemore Abbey Gothic Church, the album sweeps, stabs and soothes through 11 tracks of celestial grandeur. Julie narrates wandering stories of romance, bravery, tragedy, lust and heartbreak, to a backdrop of meticulous multi-layered production.

Julie says of the recording process: "We started the album by recording only vocals because I wanted to sing my heart out in a Galway space and I didn't want to have my composition hat on in any way. I wanted the songs to lead the process and everything else followed".

Musically, 'Clocks' is a blend of radio-friendly, intelligent pop music and smart curve-ball melodies that reference both the traditional (If I Lose You Tonight) and the contemporary (Moment Out Of The Blue, Happy Ever After). The first single from the album is 'Dear John' - a tale based on her grandparents' courtship and "waiting for the moon to come out to go cycling" released 15th July 2013. Another highlight is 'Galway Boy' "about tricky men and staunch women" which will also see a single release later this year.

Approaching the album project from her own perspective as a 6th generation Galwegian, Julie plundered her family history, pillaging local libraries and Births, Deaths and Marriages records, as well as interviewing family members and contacting far-flung distant relatives to gain inspiration for the mercurial tales told on the album.