The 46-year-old French actress has starred in number of classic films in the past, including An American Werewolf in Paris and Europa Europa, but acting is no longer her passion.

Delpy has directed six feature length movies since 2002 and she is filled with delight at the thought of becoming a filmmaker full time after wrapping up a few more projects.

"I'm shooting The Bachelors with J.K. Simmons now in L.A.," she tells Variety of her next acting gig. "Then I'm going off to England to do my next film, a drama that I'm directing. It's a very, very dark movie. I'm in it as well, but that's it.

"I already have actresses for my next two films. My new obsession is to cast actresses first because I don't want to be in my films anymore. I want to work with great actresses. I'm sick of myself. But first I'm going to torture myself one more time."

Delpy has high standards for the actors she hires and deviating from the casting rules she's crafted for her projects is not an option.

"Some actresses really want to work with me, which is fantastic," she smiles. "It takes a certain kind of actress to want to work with another actress. It's a different kind of relationship. I'm going to be very direct and we'll be in the same boat. So I don't attract divas; I attract real actresses. Which is great. Divas want to have a man on their knees looking up at them like a goddess."

Delpy is currently promoting her latest directorial effort, French-language film Lolo, a dark comedy about a 40-year-old fashion industry professional who is mother to a nightmare teenage son.