French actress Julie Delpy loves to "roll around in the grass" - even though she's allergic to it.

The 34-year-old Before Sunrise beauty is elated that living in Los Angeles gives her the constant opportunity to enjoy her natural surroundings.

She says, "There's so many things I like about LA. I love being in touch with nature.

"I actually do (roll around in the grass) but I'm a little allergic to grass so I get like a rash afterwards. So I have to be fully dressed when I roll in the grass. But I love touching grass, smelling grass, feeling leaves and green stuff. Green is my favourite colour.

"Actually I don't have time to roll in the grass enough. I wish I would roll in the grass every day.

"I go hiking and I look at little flowers, little things. I drive everyone crazy when I go on hikes because everyone here goes on hikes to lose weight or get fit and I go on hikes to look at little flowers and trees."

28/06/2004 09:28