French actress-turned-director Julie Delpy fears she flouted U.S. law while shooting romantic comedy 2 Days In New York by filming scenes "guerrilla style" during the city's popular Halloween parade.
The Before Sunset star admits she didn't apply for a permit to film scenes during the October festivities and didn't alert those in the audience to the fact that they may appear on screen, but she is confident she managed to avoid any potential legal action thanks to clever editing.
She tells the New York Post, "We had to do it (filming) guerrilla style, which I think was illegal, but maybe not, because no one (in the crowd) was in focus."
Delpy also reveals she and her film crew were relatively undisturbed as they shot footage during the parade: "People were all dressed up and dancing and partying, and some people recognised me, but we shot for four hours and people weren't always jumping on me. I'm not that famous. I'm not Brad Pitt."