Julie Bowen is expecting ''a lot of tears'' when 'Modern Family' draws to a close.

The 48-year-old actress has portrayed Claire Dunphy on the sitcom since 2009 and with the show due to come to an end next year after 10 seasons, the cast are not looking forward to it.

She said: ''They're my family! There's going to be a lot of tears. There's going to be a lot, 'It's our first last table read of the season.' And it will go on for 22 episodes like that.''

And Julie was upset at the thought of having to discuss the end of the show.

When talk show host Ellen Degeneres brought up the subject, her guest warned: ''Don't, Ellen.''

But the 60-year-old presenter insisted: ''I didn't do anything.''

Julie replied: ''What if I said I was going to make your family end. That's how I feel!''

Julie - who has Oliver, 11, and twins John and Gustav, eight, with estranged husband Scott Phillips - recently admitted the idea of the show ending makes her ''feel sick''.

She said: ''It makes me feel a little sick. It's like asking me what the end to me and [sons] John and Gus and Oliver would be. I'm like, 'Why would you say that! It's never going to end!' ''

But the blonde star has an idea of how the show should draw to a close.

She told PopCulture.com: ''Obviously a 'Thelma & Louise'-style ending, driving off a cliff.''

She then more seriously added: ''There's something about babies that everybody loves, and I don't know, we've got three options to get pregnant. Maybe something like that.''

But while Julie has ''no idea'' how the show really will end, she's promised fans there won't be any loose ends.

She said: ''[The final season] is going to be extra special, because we get to wrap things up.''