Actress Julie Benz hated filming scenes for RAMBO in Thailand - because she was so far removed from her Hollywood luxuries.
The 39-year-old - who plays Sarah, Stallone's onscreen sidekick in the 2008 sequel - found it difficult filming in the constant heat, and despised her temporary living conditions.
She says, "We spent two months in the jungle without the luxuries of filming in Los Angeles.
"My trailer looked like a 1952 bomb shelter with what appeared to be the original bedding - it looked like it had never been washed.
"The heat was extreme and we all lost a lot of weight. I got too thin on that movie. Also, I had to have like 27 vaccinations before I could even get on the plane to go there, I was taking malaria pills, there were poisonous snakes; one day an elephant crashed through the set after escaping from a nearby camp!
"You never knew what was going to happen next, but as tough as it was - being away from friends and family, the lack of luxury, the language barrier - it was also really exciting. Moviemaking shouldn't be on a comfy soundstage in L.A., it should be out there in the field."