Hollywood actress Julianne Moore is preparing to take her parrot in for medical treatment, because the neurotic bird has picked all of the feathers off one of its wings.

The BOOGIE NIGHTS star has found that her prized pet hates being away from her - and he's now doing damage to himself whenever they're in separate places.

She says, "We have an African grey parrot and my husband finally said, 'You can get a bird,' but I didn't realise how needy the bird would be. The bird follows me, and will jump off the perch and follow me from room to room calling.

"Unfortunately, he's a feather-picker, because they're very neurotic. So if you're not holding him all the time, he chews himself...

"So he has to go in for a little tranquilliser. When we were talking about taking the bird to the doctor and having a tranquilliser, my daughter, from the back seat, shouted, 'Good! Now we can have a dog!'"