Hollywood actress Julianne Moore is refusing to cut down on racy movie roles to spare her kids' feelings - insisting she is happy to be an embarrassing mum.
The star's latest film, Savage Grace, features a three-in-a-bed love scene, and Moore admits she doesn't consider her family's reaction when she accepts a part in a movie.
She says, "I'm aware that my kids will one day see my films and might think they are a bit arch (embarrassing), especially the nude scenes. But, hey, there's always a point in a kid's life when they hate their mother."
Moore is aware that her husband, director Bart Freundlich, is also uncomfortable when she sheds her clothes on camera - but she won't let his opinion change her work ethic.
She adds, "I like to take risks with my work and had no reservations about taking the role, but my husband definitely did. Frankly, it's not the sort of role you'd want your wife to appear in."