Kind-hearted OSCAR nominee Julianne Moore has found her biggest fan - a homeless man she gave $15 (GBP8) to told her she should have won an ACADEMY AWARD at the 2003 ceremony.

The 43-year-old actress - who told the unlikely story while being honoured by the GAY AND LESBIAN ALLIANCE AGAINST DEFAMATION for her portrayal of a lesbian in THE HOURS - gave the beggar money when he told her he was gay, had AIDS, had broken his foot and needed cash for a shelter.

And Moore's homeless benefactor told her she deserved to win an Oscar, especially since the flame-haired actress was nominated for two awards that year - Best Supporting Actress in The Hours and Best Actress in FAR FROM HEAVEN.

She told the audience, "So I gave him some money and as I turned to go, he said, 'You should have won that Oscar.'"

15/04/2004 14:27