Movie star Julianne Moore turned her recent visit to Sesame Street into a family affair - by insisting her daughter LIV have a starring role in the show.

The actress admits she's been a fan of the children's show all her life and was hoping she'd be invited to hang out with Big Bird, ERNIE, Elmo and co as her career got bigger.

She says, "I've been waiting for years for somebody to ask me. I was thinking I'd have to call them myself to get on the show.

"They worked this great skit, FAR FROM SEVEN, where The Count and I are both in love with somebody else and we don't know who it is, and it turns out to be the number seven.

"I did a thing with Elmo talking to him about my favourite moment and then I did a dance, where you dance yourself to sleep. If you see it, and you cut to the dancing, you can see my daughter LIV, who was 18-months-old at the time just standing there while I danced around her.

"She had a great time and they're wonderful people. We have pictures of Liv with the Count. It's an honour to be included."

15/09/2004 08:35