Julianne Moore admits her marriage isn't always ''easy''.

The 57-year-old actress - who has children Caleb, 20, and Liv, 16, with spouse Bart Freundlich - will celebrate her 15th wedding anniversary in August and though she has praised the 48-year-old director as an ''exceptional'' man, she admitted their relationship has its ups and downs.

She said: ''Bart is an exceptional man and a great father. He makes me feel very good about myself and my work and the way we have raised our children together.

''But that doesn't mean it's easy all the time.''

Though the 'Wonderstruck' actress admits their jobs can make things ''more difficult'' for their family unit, she's also thankful they both have flexibility that means they have always been able to coordinate their projects to make sure at least one of them is around for their kids.

She told OK! magazine: ''That can make it more difficult and that's why I often choose projects where I don't have to work very far from home or go away for three or four months.

''But there are also a lot of advantages in both of us working in the film business, because we have a lot more flexibility than we would if we both had office jobs, for example.

''We've rarely had situations where we have to work at the same time and we've arranged our schedules over the years so that one of us has always been home to look after our children.''

When it comes to raising their children, the couple each place emphasis on different things.

Julianne said: ''Like most parents, we have our own approaches. When my father was a judge, he would say that not all judges are equal. Some hate thieves and others hate violent crimes.

''It's the same with parents. I hate bad manners and lack of respect, whereas my husband is more focused on making sure our children are able to do things on their own and be very independent.''