Julianne Moore's ''biggest regret'' is ruining her eyebrows when she was younger.

The 56-year-old actress has admitted she wished she had never touched a pair of tweezers, because the moment she did she plucked out ''all'' of her facial hair.

Speaking to Hello! magazine, the flame-haired beauty said: ''Gosh. My biggest regret is that I ruined my eyebrows. The minute I could hold a pair of tweezers in the 1970s I pulled them all out, to be fashionable at the time.''

And the 'Still Alice' star has revealed since then her eyebrows have never grown back properly.

She continued: ''And they never grew back the same way ever again.''

Julianne has learned from her mistakes and has urged her 15-year-old daughter Liv to take her beauty advice.

The movie icon- who also has 19-year-old son Caleb - said: ''My daughter has these gorgeous beautiful, really full eyebrows and I am constantly telling her not to touch them or let anyone else touch them. Don't let anyone destroy your eyebrows.''

Julianne has revealed her signature look is to opt for a bolder eye to accentuate the area, instead of wearing a bright lipstick.

Speaking about her style tips, she said: ''I tend to do more of an eye, just because I don't have a very large mouth or lips, so if I put a dark colour on my mouth it looks hard. It's always been that way.''

And the American star has revealed her skin care routine has changed over the years, as she now applies face oil, which she has admitted has become a ''game changer''.

Julianne, who is an ambassador for L'Oreal Paris, explained: ''Although I am now using a face oil - they didn't have them when I was younger and now I love them. That's been a game changer for me. That level of moisture and in such an easy-to-use formulation has been so good for my skin. sometimes I use more skincare so I can use less foundation.

''Yes, I wash my face, put on the oil, leave it to settle and then apply the moisturiser with the SPF.''