Actress Julianne Moore poked fun at her footwear mishap at the Cannes Film Festival on Thursday (23May13) by pretending to cut off her toes during an appearance on comedian Jimmy Fallon's U.S. Tv show.

The Hours star donned a pair of too-tight silver stilettos to a screening of The Great Gatsby in France on 15 May (13), and posed for photographs with her squished pinky toes hanging out off the side of her shoes, oblivious to her foot fashion faux pas.

Style critics rated Moore's look one of the worst of the week at the festival, and now the 52 year old has opened up about the cringe-worthy moment during an appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

She explained, "There's so much pressure to look good, to look perfect, so you worry about your dress, you worry about your hair, you worry about your makeup and I thought I had everything under control, but I didn't have it, it was a mess.

"(My stylist) Leslie Fremar (and I), we picked out these sandals to wear to Cannes, and you have to be really careful about your footwear, because you have to be able to walk in it and stuff, and we noticed that there was kind of a narrow platform, and there was a possibility of my toes falling off. And I'm like, 'That's not gonna happen!'

"But what I didn't prepare myself for was the pivoting. So you know, you walk, you walk, you stop, you pivot... and I thought it all went fine... Then I went online to see a picture, and what did I see but 'toemageddon'... It was a disaster!"

And to make sure she never falls victim to another toe problem, she presented Fallon with a silver box containing what appeared to be her little digits, adding, "I needed to prevent this from happening again, so... you know what I did? I did what any reasonable person would do... I cut my toes off."