Julianne Moore doesn't feel like she has any control over her creative choices.

The 58-year-old actress confessed that throughout her career she's gone ''job to job'' without following any specific ''trajectory'' and feels that whenever she finishes working on a film she goes ''back to zero''.

When asked at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival at what point in her career she felt she began to have choice over her creative choices, she said: ''How about never? I would like to think that there's sort of a trajectory that we can all follow, where you're like, 'Now it's OK.'

''I don't know that any of us feels that way. I think particularly when you're a freelancer, as all of us are, you really just go from job-to-job. Once a job finishes, you feel like you're kind of back at zero. Now it's time to find something else and work on that.''

The 'Still Alice' star's love of acting was fostered in childhood through her love of reading and make believe and although at the time she didn't think those pastimes would lead her anywhere she know realises they were vital to her making it in Hollywood.

She said: ''I was one of those kids - I wasn't athletic, I didn't have a lot of hobbies. I liked to pretend, and I liked to read. And I didn't think those two things would lead me anywhere professionally, but when I started doing plays after school ... I felt like I was inside the book.

''And I still feel that way when I make a film: I feel like I crawl inside the story. I always tell our children, 'Follow your interests, because you don't know where they'll lead you.' I never imagined that my interest in language and story would lead me to cinema. And it has.''