Julianne Moore thinks the ''door has been opened'' by the #MeToo movement - but people still need to be making changes and improvements.

The 'Still Alice' star has praised the movement for encouraging more conversation and creating the ''biggest seismic change'' the industry has ever seen but for it to continue, people need to make decisions to make it happen.

She said: ''[There has been] the biggest seismic change that we have ever had, just because it made people realise how much disparity there was in our business, I don't know if there's really been a shift. There's been a door that's opened, but things don't change unless you make the effort. If you're somebody who thinks, 'I'm going to go out of my way to hire 50 per cent women', then it'll happen, but it doesn't just happen accidentally.''

Julianne has been acting since the 1980s but has only recently felt comfortable enough to write and share her own material.

She added: ''I'm only at this point just beginning to create my own material.''

The 58-year-old actress also urged other women not to play coy about their age, as she says it only makes it seem it is something people should be ''delicate'' about.

She told ES magazine: ''It's as if you are saying that her age is so terrible that you don't want to mention it. You wouldn't say 'a man of a certain age'. Obfuscating your age or skirting around it, or trying to be delicate about it, that's what makes me crazy. It's not so horrible to be in your 50s - it's not horrible at all. It's simply part of life.''

The full interview appears in this week's edition of ES Magazine, available on October 31.