Julianne Moore ''can't bear'' the thought of George Clooney becoming president.

The 56-year-old actress' 'Suburbicon' director has been widely tipped to run for office in the future, but the Oscar-winning star insists the commander-in-chief position should only be taken by someone ''experienced in government''.

Asked if she thinks George should run for president, Julianne - an outspoken critic of current US leader and former 'Apprentice' star Donald Trump - said: ''Honestly, I can't bear it, this idea of relating leaders with entertainment figures.

''What you want is a president who is experienced in government. You don't want a reality show person. I don't even want to joke about movie stars being president of the United States.''

However, Julianne praised how ''prepared and thoughtful'' her 56-year-old pal was when they worked on 'Suburbicon', and she thinks he has changed a lot since he married his wife Amal in September 2014.

She told You magazine: ''She is so lovely and you can see the difference in George's personality, how settled he seems with her, how fondly he speaks of her. I always say it's a great sign when someone talks about their partner a lot and he adores Amal.''

The 'Still Alice' actress - who has children Caleb, 19, and Liv, 15, with husband Bart Freundlich - is thrilled to see the joy George is taking in being a father to his five-month-old twins Alexander and Ella, and he's even taking sleep deprivation in his stride.

She said: ''It's always difficult to explain to people the tremendous joy children bring to your life, so I'm happy he's experiencing it...

''I texted him when I got home after seeing 'Suburbicon' in New York - I didn't want to call him because it was the middle of the night in London. Then my phone buzzed and it was George. He said he was up with his babies!''