The actress has gained global fame with her performance skills and stunning looks, both of which are still going strong at 55. Her job involves frequently dolling up for red carpet events, most recently the Cannes Film Festival, though Julianne insists that there is more to this process than the make-up and hairstyles.

"I think when people say that beauty is trivial, they're diminishing the concept," she told Refinery29. "Beauty is subjective, truly in the eye of the beholder, but we are drawn to what we find beautiful. Beauty has visual meaning, but there is also emotional meaning. They go hand in hand.

"Beauty doesn't have to be a superficial thing, and in fact it isn't! What we find beautiful in life is generally something that we're moved by and we care about deeply. Rather than saying it's trivial and throwing beauty away, it's important to broaden our understanding of what it is we find beautiful and why we find it beautiful."

Julianne is pleased to see there has been progress in this area, especially when it comes to the younger generation. The Still Alice star notices kids openly put filters on their photos with an understanding that they're manufacturing them, and she believes the world has become more aware of what "real beauty" is now.

With this outlook Julianne is selective about her work, but when approached by L'Oreal Paris to be an ambassador the actress knew the brand's ethics reflected her own.

"Well, this is a great company," she added. "It really is, and when you look at it really, they're the only major brand that has women from all over the world, every ethnicity, every age group, every culture, and I think they're truly representing the idea that beauty is subjective and comes in many forms. And even the whole ethos of the company, the 'Because you're worth it' slogan, is a pretty meaningful thing to say."