Julianne Hough wanted her make-up to be ''super fresh, radiant, clean and minimal'' on her wedding day.

The 28-year-old 'Dancing With the Stars' judge tied the knot with NHL star Brooks Laich in an outdoor ceremony on Lake Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, on July 8 and the blonde-haired beauty wanted to look ''beautiful and timeless'' by wearing natural-looking cosmetic products on her special day.

Speaking about the styling process, celebrity make-up artist Spencer Barnes told PEOPLE: ''Jules has done so many amazing things with really strong looks on Dancing with the Stars, country music tours, dance tours, as movie characters, and at red carpet events, so she thought, 'I just want to be super fresh, radiant, clean and minimal. I just want to feel and look beautiful and timeless.'''

And it is believed the 'Safe Haven' actress also opted for minimal aesthetic because her spouse prefers her sans make-up.

Barnes added: ''Brooks also prefers her with little or no makeup, so he was delighted of course as well to see her just glowing and not so made up.''

Julianne also wanted her hair to be simple, although she toyed with various styles for her marital ceremony and underwent a ''big colour change'' just before her wedding day.

The star's hair expert Riawna Capri said: ''Her dress was very simple, so for her hair we wanted to do the same. She had this vision from the get-go of a high ballerina bun. She knew she wanted a centre part, which put a little twist on the classic bun. In order to get it to be so perfect we actually did three ponytails. The first was to make sure the center part was perfect. Second was to perfect the sides, and third, we grabbed everything underneath, and then twisted all three together into the bun. That's the best way to get a perfect pony.

''We also did a big colour change before the wedding - we really went platinum. My first appointment with her was six to seven hours and the last appointment was three hours.

''[But] Julianne's original idea - this is not a joke - she really wanted to cut her hair short. We went back and forth for about a month about whether or not we're going to cut her hair right before the wedding. We really wanted it to do it after ceremony, before the reception. Which is doable, totally fine. I've done haircuts under pressure. Totally down. She finally comes in for her six-hour colour appointment and we make her hair so beautiful, she's like, 'I don't want to cut this.'

''She's very hands on with her hair and her make-up so it's nice to work with her.''

However, the star later changed her hair for the latter part of the ceremony.

Capri explained: ''After that dance she was so excited and standing on the chair, which was when we did another hair change and a skirt change. All the girls were gathered around. Anita [Patrickson] helped with the skirt as I was taking out all the bobby pins of her faux bob and pulling her hair down. She was just free in her bodysuit with her long blonde hair down for the rest of the night.

''She knew she wanted her hair up, she knew she wanted the faux bob, and then she knew she wanted it down. At the end of the night she knew she wanted to be free and dance. She likes to call herself a 'hairographer'...she knows how to do choreography with her hair.''