The 27-year-old star has switched up her tresses countless times over the years, most recently rocking a beachy-waved perm. Many women admire Julianne's confidence to change her style whenever she fancies it, but those close to her made sure she was warned about the dangers of the chemical treatment.

"I think that the only way to come up with new trends or new inspirations for new things is by taking risks," she told Allure. "If it's something that scares me, then it's something I have to do.

"When I wanted to get this perm, everyone was like, 'Your hair is literally going to fall out if you do this because it's blonde.' But then they came out with the Olaplex thing, and I was like, you know what, if it falls out, I'm going to do a whole V for Vendetta thing (referring to actress Natalie Portman's buzz cut), and it will grow back - who cares! I think taking risks with your hair says a lot about your personality. Stepping out of your comfort zone is really when you're going to grow."

Olaplex is a product that has proved popular with celebrities, as it helps permanently rebuild damaged hair without using harsh ingredients like sulphates, silicone or phthalates. Luckily for Julianne, her locks are still strong after the powerful perm, though they've lost their oomph a little.

"My hair is actually not doing so bad after I got the perm," she added. "I feel like I got so much body out of it when I first did it. I think it's been over a month now since I got it, and I've been in the pool a few times, so it's kind of starting to wear off a little bit. But it still has that body right in the root, so it just feels thicker and fuller and fun. I really like it."