Julianne Hough, the American actress and dancer currently starring in the Footloose remake, has addressed several 'misconceptions' she's heard about her new movie. Speaking to MTV News, Julianne claimed Footloose wasn't a dance film and denied "butchering" the original.
Julianne, who began her career on Dancing with the Stars, explained, "People think that it's going to be a dance movie, which it's really not - the original was a drama with dancing in it". Some fans of the original, starring Kevin Bacon, have questioned the necessity of a remake, but Hough sought to defend the project, saying, ".a lot of remakes kind of, you know, butcher the original one.Those are the two misconceptions. One, it's not a dance movie, and two, I think we really did it justice and made it our own but kept what needed to be there". Julianne's co-star Ziah Colon said some angry fans have claimed the movie is an insult to the late Patrick Swayze, falsely assuming he starred in the original, saying, "I've seen on Twitter a lot that Patrick Swayze would be upset that we're remaking it.I'd like to tell everyone that he wasn't in the original, and if you are upset about that, you probably should not be upset that we are remaking it, because you know nothing about it". Swayze played the lead role in 'Dirty Dancing' - a movie made 3 years after Footloose.
The new film, directed by Craig Brewer, hits cinemas in the U.S. and UK on Friday (14th October 2011).