Actress Julianne Hough was ready to reject a starring role in new movie musical Rock Of Ages until she learned Tom Cruise would be her leading man.
The blonde beauty admits she was turned off by the idea of hitting the big screen in another music-themed movie after parts in Burlesque and 2011's Footloose remake, and instead wanted to test her talents with a straight-up drama.
She tells the New York Daily News, "At first I was like, 'Yeah, I don't think I want to do another musical... Of course, you have to get your foot in the door somehow, so Burlesque and Footloose made sense. But I wanted to expand and grow as an actress."
But she had a change of heart as soon as director Adam Shankman revealed the Mission: Impossible actor had signed up to lead the star-studded cast.
She recalls, "He said, 'You know, Tom Cruise is in it.' And I was like, 'Right - I'll do one more (musical)!'"
Hough will be able to test her drama skills in her next film - she plays a Christian evangelist with burns over two-thirds of her body in screenwriter Diablo Cody's untitled directorial debut.