Country singer Julianne Hough has reportedly been ordered to take acting classes to secure her role in the upcoming FOOTLOOSE remake.
The pretty blonde - a regular on TV show Dancing With The Stars - is said to be in negotiations to take on the part Lori Singer played in the 1984 Kevin Bacon film, alongside Gossip Girl actor Chace Crawford.
But New York Post gossip column PageSix reports the star has yet to sign a contract with Paramount movie bosses, who have insisted she improve her acting abilities before they commit her to the role.
A source tells the publication, "(Her audition) was so bad, the producers sent her off to take acting classes. She's scheduled for another screen test on 1 August. They definitely like her, but the producers know they need a real actress for the movie to work - she's a pretty girl who can sing and dance, but so was Mariah Carey, and we all know how Glitter turned out."
The film is set to start shooting next spring (10).