Australian actor Julian McMahon fears he's missed out on the chance to be James Bond because he's too old.

The NIP/TUCK star confesses he has been among the names on producer Barbara Broccoli's hit list to replace Pierce Brosnan, but he no longer thinks he's in contention to play 007.

He tells movie website, "I think there is a bunch of people who are in consideration with the Broccolis and Sony. I think that they have to define exactly what they want to do with the character, as there were talks of it going younger."

And McMahon insists he isn't sure he'd jump at the role if it was offered to him: "If I were offered the role, I would really have to kind of evaluate the way that I would look at the character and see what they want to do with it.

"I'd want to make sure that we kind met at some place were we all felt comfortable doing the same thing."

04/07/2005 02:50