Julian Casablancas is unprepared for fatherhood.

The Strokes frontman - whose wife Juliet Joslin is due to give birth to their baby very shortly - claims he is mentally ready for the new arrival but admits he hasn't helped out with practical planning and has even let his spouse attend ant-natal classes without him.

He said: "I'm prepared, mentally. Have I painted the nursery? Er, no... I haven't done too much. My woman has done all the hard stuff. We have clothes that people have given us. We have a crib ready... birth is a Beautiful Thing.

"Making an album can be like being pregnant: you want to pop that thing out and show everybody!"

The rocker - who is currently touring his solo album 'Phrazes For The Young' - also admitted being a solo artist is not very different to writing tracks with The Strokes.

He told Q magazine: "Let's just say, it feels very... normal. It's a different vibe with my band. They are willing to play whatever I write. It's a very benign relationship."

Julian has previously said he feels his hiatus from The Strokes has been good for the band because he needed the chance to try something different.

He said: "Everyone's more easy going, everyone feels more confident and we all seem to trust each other a bit more. I had stuff that I wanted to do and I think the band wasn't ready. Everyone else was doing solo things so I just came to the realisation that I had to take the opportunity."