The BOURNE IDENTITY star Julia Stiles' movie success could force her to break up with her boyfriend, student JOHN MAYS.

The sexy actress, 23, has been away from her lover for four months while she stars in London play OLEANNA, and fears she will have to end their relationship when she returns to him in New York, because Mays is insecure about her fame, constant travelling, sexy co-stars and staggering fortune.

Stiles explains, "I don't know whether we can still call each other girlfriend and boyfriend. We're friends and we're still in each other's lives but it's a confusing situation. I'm embarrassed whenever I become aware of the situation. It's very awkward for him.

"I have to hold myself in check every time the subject comes up because I love talking about him. Money can be a difficult subject between us, but only if I allow it to be. I don't want to sound obnoxious, but it would be more obnoxious for me to say I'm not aware of the difference.

"But the success, financially or otherwise, that I've had is only important if I have someone to share it with. I'm no longer sure that I do at the moment. It just seems complicated."

02/09/2004 02:26