LATEST: Julia Stiles' publicist has stepped in to clear up the complex legal battle that the actress is fighting with two members of her New York production company.

Mara Buxbaum (corr) explains Stiles is seeking an injunction to prevent members of Smithy Films LLC from transferring the intellectual property rights to option the movie adaptation of SYLVIA PLATH's THE BELL JAR without the actress' participation and involvement.

Buxbaum states, "They were trying to steal the rights away from her, and she filed suit to stop that from happening."

The publicist also insists that Stiles "did not lose the part" of Plath's lead character in the book, ESTHER GREENWOOD, as previously reported.

She says, "Indeed, there is no director at all yet, the option has not been exercised yet."

14/03/2005 03:23