Julia Stiles was mortified while shooting a critical scene for The Omen in the Czech Republic, when she found out she had mistakenly been given laxatives instead of headache medicine. The star went to a local pharmacy to pick up a bottle of aspirin, but because of the language barrier, her request was lost in translation. She explains, "Czech might as well be Chinese to me. I always try and learn a little bit of the language when I go to a different country. "I know how to say hello and good morning. You wouldn't think little ordinary things would be so difficult. "I went to the pharmacy and I needed some aspirin, so I made the sign of needing to take a pill and having a headache. This woman gave me a bottle of pills and I didn't think about it. "We had an important scene to shoot and I had a headache and I took the aspirin. "A couple hours into shooting I said, 'Oh, God something really is wrong here.' "I talked to the first assistant director, who was bilingual, and she said, 'Oh no, that's not aspirin! That's a laxative!' "Needless to say I know the Czech word for laxative now."