Hollywood beauty Julia Stiles has gone off dairy products after she was forced to milk a cow for her new movie The Prince And Me.

The 23-year-old - who plays a farm girl in the romantic comedy - shocked the on-set farmers with her ignorance of country issues, while they taught her about animals at a dairy farm which doubled as her character's home.

Stiles admits, "It was an interesting experience to milk a cow. They don't really do it by hand any more but, my God, I don't know how milkmaids used to do it. It makes you look at milk differently.

"I'm a city girl so I had no idea about a farm. I did it by hand just to get the full experience. They are huge animals and they shift their weight so much that you have to be careful they don't step on you.

"It was quite an awkward situation. I think the farmers had a good laugh watching the city girl. I also got to learn how to ride horses and steer cattle and we saw a cow give birth to a calf which was pretty amazing."

12/07/2004 17:18