THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE star LIEV SHREIBER and Julia Stiles are teaming up as husband and wife in the upcoming remake of horror classic The Omen.

Shreiber and Stiles will take on the characters immortalised by Gregory Peck and Lee Remick in the reworking of the 1976 film.

Shreiber tells, "It was important to us to bring it (the story) forward and to make it contemporary.

"John Moore, the director, felt that there were a lot of interesting parallels now between all of the natural disasters and catastrophes that are happening in the world these days and the kind of sequence of events that signified the coming of the anti-Christ and I think he might have a point."

But, although he thinks the film will be a big hit, he fears Omen purists will hate the new version: "I am sure I am going to be up on the dartboard. I am going to get attacked but I am used to that."