MONA LISA SMILE star Julia Stiles hasn't won many friends in Germany after spending two months in Berlin filming THE BOURNE SUPREMACY - she hated the people and the food.

The pretty American admits she has no plans to return to the German capital after finding the local delicacies and the locals' penchant for baring all in saunas a little tough to stomach.

She explains, "I met a lot of nice German people on the crew but I felt that when I went out and met strangers there was a lot of hostility.

"I felt a little bit like I was living in Lost In Translation. I went to the sauna at the hotel and the first thing I had to get used to is they're naked everywhere. There's like men and women totally free with it and I'm a puritanical American.

"One time, in the locker room, this older woman, completely buck naked, started screaming at me in German, and I couldn't understand what she was saying, so I said, 'Ich sprechen kein Deutsch,' which means I can't speak German, so she started making fun of me and I thought that was so obnoxious.

"I pulled my best German and I said, 'Have a nice day, a**hole.' She was mad that I didn't close the door. I just felt like I got yelled at a lot. Maybe they just didn't like me."

And Stiles was far from impressed with the Berlin cuisine: "I tried the weisswurst, which is the white sausage. It's like a Bavarian delicacy and that's the last time I ever had sausage.

"They're gonna hate me. I'm going to have a bunch of German people hating me now."

04/03/2004 09:12