Actress Julia Stiles was left highly disappointed when she attracted the attentions of a rich prince while she performed in London - because he turned out to be too young for her.

The SAVE THE LAST DANCE star, 23, has just wrapped her three-month performance opposite Aaron Eckhart in David Mamet's OLEANNA at London's GARRICK THEATRE, and admits she had hoped that when she attracted royal attention she'd have been swept off her feet.

She says, "When you work in a West End play you kinda become a part of this, like, secret club and you have princes and princesses coming to see your show.

"I walked into my dressing room once and there were like three dozen long-stemmed roses. The card said, 'I can't wait to see you tonight, love Prince Azim.' I was like, 'Oh my God! Prince Azim! I'm gonna become like Grace KELLY!'

"He's the Prince of Brunei, but I met him afterwards - he's 17 years old! He's the heir to the biggest fortune in the world."

27/07/2004 09:26