Julia Roberts grows her own lettuce.

The 'Mirror, Mirror' actress says she and husband DANNY MODER try to be as environmentally-friendly as possible so they produce their own vegetables and try not to waste anything they eat.

Julia - who has three children, seven-year-old twins Phinnaeus and Hazel, and Henry, four, with Danny said: ''We very much try to limit our impact. A family of five can produce a lot of waste, so we compost and have chickens, so that takes care of most of our food waste. We don't use any superfluous paper products in our house, no paper towels or Ziploc bags for lunches. In fact, our school has a waste-free lunch policy. We have solar shingles on our roof, I Drive A bio-diesel and a Prius.

''We have a lettuce garden because I don't like to buy lettuce in a plastic box. That just makes me have a pain in my stomach.''

Julia, 44, also revealed how she hasn't really embraced technology and doesn't like social media.

She told the Independent newspaper: ''I've never seen Facebook but I did see 'The Social Network'. I've never had Twitter. I email and text but that's it.''