Julia Roberts had to revamp her diet when she discovered she was pregnant with twins - and lose her addiction to junk food.

The actress enlisted the help of longterm pal and fitness trainer KATHY KAEHLER after discovering an extensive course of IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation) had proved successful.

Kaehler says, "She wanted to get pregnant from the day they (Julia and DANNY MODER) married, but had trouble conceiving. She finally got pregnant after a long drawn-out procedure and she's been told by doctors that she'd better do what she's told if she wants to deliver the twins without complications.

"Julia loves nothing more than southern fried chicken - dripping in fats, carbs and calories. When she wasn't pregnant and on a high-impact workout, she could get away with eating almost anything she wanted.

"But getting her body into the place it needed to be to carry the twins would require a major overhaul.

"Julia loves junk and all of it had to go."

Kaehler has put the actress on a special exercise routine that involves running, cycling, pilates and yoga. She has also been banned from drinking alcohol and anything with caffeine in it. Her diet now consists of fruit, vegetables, chicken and fish, washed down with freshly squeezed juices.

22/10/2004 09:44