Julia Roberts' actress niece EMMA took etiquette lessons to play teenage sleuth NANCY DREW in her latest movie - so she'd walk, talk and sit correctly. Writer/director Andrew Fleming insisted his young star was prim and proper as she prepared to play the literary crime solver - and hired a manners coach to turn her from a girl to a young lady. He says, "I found this woman who is an expert in etiquette and Emma and I got together with her because I felt there was a difference between what a normal girl, like Emma, is and what Nancy should be. "We decided she (Nancy Drew) should have the correct posture, she should shake your hand in the right way and she should hold a knife and fork the way a nice young lady ought to. "The lessons gave Emma a different physicality. I think it was strange for Emma to have this woman telling her how to stand and how to make eye contact and that she should never cross her legs a certain way, but she absorbed it and I think it really helped a lot because there was this way Emma would sit as herself that Nancy would never sit and she assumed the posture of Nancy. She became that person."