Julia Roberts will take a five-year break from acting after giving birth to twins next year (05), according to her personal trainer.

The actress finally conceived her "miracle children" with husband DANNY MODER after repeated attempts at IVF treatment - and she's determined to make the most of the twins' early years, rather than worry about regaining her shape.

Her longtime friend and personal trainer KATHY KAEHLER reveals, "Julia couldn't care less about getting her movie-star body back once those babes are born - she says she's taking at least five years off from movie-making to raise her twins.

"Julia says her body will return to where it was naturally over in time, instead of rushing it with crazy diets. She thinks it sends the wrong message and says, if her career is kaput because she took time off to raise her kids, then it's a lousy indictment of the industry.

"She waited so long to be a mother and fought so hard to be one that she wants to devote all her time to her babies."

21/10/2004 17:28