Julia Roberts' actress niece Emma Roberts is planning a busy 2009 - because she wants to visit Paris, pass her driving test, fall in love and release a photography book - all before she starts college. The 17 year old has revealed she has sent off her applications for college, with a view to furthering her education later this year (09) - and that means she has a lot to pack in between now and then.
She says, "I'd love to have a really nice boyfriend. I would love to have been to Paris... I'd love to have my own photography coffee-table book, and I'd love to get my license.
"I got my permit the first try and went to get my license and failed. Then my permit expired. I just got my permit again a couple of weeks ago, so hopefully I'll get my license soon."
Roberts tells USA Today she plans to study photography and literature when she gets to college, but refuses to reveal which schools she's selected.