Julia Roberts, Pink and Colin Farrell gave comedienne Ellen Degeneres a birthday to remember by showing up unannounced on her daytime TV show to wish her all the best.
Pregnant pop star Pink was the first celebrity to show up, confessing, "I'm here because there's cake..."
The singer then recalled a time before DeGeneres "became too famous" when they used to party and drink together.
Pink then revealed she's her unborn child's "baby momma".
She then got serious and said, "In a world that focuses so much on what's dark and what's mean, you are a constant light for me, for all of us... I laugh at you every day."
DeGeneres, who turned 53 on Wednesday (26Jan11), was then shown a funny video message from her partner Portia DeRossi, performing a windswept version of Happy Birthday dressed as Marilyn Monroe.
The surprises continued when Roberts showed up and a blindfolded DeGeneres had to guess who the mystery guest was. Roberts whispered her answers to the host's questions to a nurse who was also celebrating his birthday as a guest on the show.
The movie star finally lifted DeGeneres' blindfold, prompting the host to scream, "Wow!" It was Roberts’ first appearance on the show.
Touched DeGeneres insisted on going to a commercial break, so "I can compose myself".
The two women chatted and when the host revealed she had more surprises, Roberts joked, "If I'm the warm-up... Obama!"
The big wow for the TV star was when one of her favourite men, Colin Farrell, appeared.
The Irish movie star brought out Ellen’s birthday cake and thrilled her with a lingering kiss, before thanking De Rossi, who was in the audience, for her years of understanding.
When Roberts confessed, "I’m deeply uncomfortable," Farrell quipped, "Try coming out after Julia Roberts for uncomfortable."
He presented his friend with a T-shirt bearing a photo of the two of them together on a previous show.
Child star Jaden Smith was the final guest; he gifted the birthday girl a well in her name that will provide clean drinking water to an African village for 20 years.
The Karate Kid star said, "It has, like, a GPS, so you can go on GoogleEarth and look at it."