Oscar-winning actress Julia Roberts is overjoyed she has finally made her Broadway theatre debut in THREE DAYS OF RAIN, because she has wanted to star on the New York stage since she was a child. As a kid, Roberts regularly visited the theatre and idolised actors including Yul Brynner. She says, "I grew up with the smell of greasepaint on me. My dad used to take me to plays all the time. We came to New York when I was seven, and we saw HAIR. "I also have vivid memories of seeing Yul Brynner do THE KING AND I in Atlanta." But Roberts admits to being nervous about whether she had what it takes to succeed on the stage, after last year (05) watching her Erin Brockovich co-star Cherry Jones tread the boards in DOUBT. She adds, "I went backstage after seeing her performance, and she was just sweet, wonderful Cherry. How she transformed himself (onstage) was inconceivable to me. "I can conceive of it a bit more now, but at the time it seemed like a magic trick to me."