Actress Julia Roberts is fighting to save 100,000 acres (40, 500 hectares) of wildlife-rich land near her home in New Mexico from being ruined by oil companies. The ERIN BROKOVICH star and her husband DANNY MODER, own a ranch outside Taos, New Mexico, and are working to save the state's wildlife sanctuary, Valle Vidal, from being opened up for drilling. The star, who appears on the cover of Vanity Fair's May (06) environmental issue, drives an eco-friendly Toyota Prius, is building a solar-powered home in California and even uses environmentally friendly diapers on her twins, PHINNEAUS and HAZEL. She explains, "At a time like the one we're in right now, where you feel like government and big business are kind of the same thing, people feel like the die is cast. "So much has already been destroyed and done and you can't go back. Well, we can go forward, in a different way." The Oscar winner admits that her new family has had a profound influence on her passion for environmental causes. She adds, "People think, 'Well, I won't be here when the planet implodes.' But maybe your grandchildren will, or your great-great grandchildren, or your great-great-great grandchildren. "And if you could give them one more day on earth, wouldn't you do that for them?"