Julia Roberts is backing a star-studded new documentary about sleep deprivation because she thinks crew members on film sets are overworked. The PRETTY WOMAN star's husband, DANNY MODER, is a cameraman and she constantly hears horror stories from him and his colleagues about people falling asleep on the job. So she's helping to support director Haskell Wexler's new documentary, WHO NEEDS SLEEP?, in the hope it will make producers and movie moguls think twice about overworking their crews. Roberts says, "There is a great tendency to overwork people." The actress has even come up with her own ruse on film sets, which enables crew members to take a well-earned rest. She explains, "I have to be allowed a certain number of hours between the time I leave work and the time I have to come back to work. "If I see the crew getting worn out and tired and overworked then I'll say 'I have to have my 12 hours,' because, if I have my 12 hours, then I know they have a fighting chance at a nap or something."