Pregnant Julia Roberts pulled out of press for her new movie CLOSER just 24 hours before yesterday's (22NOV04) interviews.

The actress, who is set to give birth to twins in January (05), missed out on weekend press for another new movie OCEAN'S TWELVE, but she was expected to join Closer co-stars Jude Law, Clive Owen and Natalie Portman for publicity in Los Angeles.

But Roberts, who was admitted to hospital with contractions earlier this month (NOV04), was a no show for press calls.

Law understands, "She's resting. It was touch and go. We knew that she had to rest and this sort of situation has to be on the day. What's important is that she listens to herself and the doctors and the baby."

Roberts also pulled out of last night's (22NOV04) Hollywood premiere.

Clooney joked about her absence from the Ocean's Twelve press junkets: "I think it's all a bluff. She wants to get some attention."

23/11/2004 02:37